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We spend millions on our home to make it beautiful. Whether buying a dream house or renovating it.

A large chunk of this, goes in buying appliances. But have you ever wondered,

  • Appliances you bought are actually meant for particular work or their specifications meet your requirement or are there other cheap alternatives available?
  • Further, are we using these appliances to their full capacity with all inbuilt features available, and are these maintained the way they should be?
  • Or to answer some questions that come to your mind like: “ Is dishwasher a tumble wash? , Is my crockery safe in it?, What specification of AC should be ideal for me?, What utensils should be used in Induction, microwaves, etc? What Food processors can do that your mixer grinders cannot?, Which Brand should I go for and why?
  • What should I do in case it breaks down? How to insure my appliances? Where to find the best options for repair? What are the correct ways to dispose off?

To find appropriate answers to such queries and much more, you have landed on to the perfect place. Scroll and Explore the whole new world of Appliances……


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Topic: Challenges in Providing Services of Consumer Durables in the COVID era.
By: Mr. Amit Tangri, National Service Head, Inalsa Home Appliances
Date: 25-June-2020

From the Blogpost


In order to find answers to your queries related to Appliances; you have landed on to the right place. Through this platform, we shall provide you with all the timely inputs. You just need to keep the confidence and shower your everlasting love to us and moreover to the subject-“Appliances


Amit Tangri:

After-sales service expert by profession, but lockdown forced me to become a blogger too. With my diverse experience of 23 years in cross-industry servicing and technical knowledge, this is just what I am bringing my field experience of appliances in writing. You will definitely benefit from my rich experiences of industry like Office Automation, Security Systems, IT and display products, consumer durables, home appliances, and Extended Warranties.

Reeta Tangri:

With over 16 years of experience in the Shriram Centre for Industrial relation and Human resources, Reeta Tangri is the co-author of this blog. With her ability to provide inputs on research, each blog is presented before you with absolute and authentic data.

For further insight on profile you may visit to https://amitangri.github.io/amitangri

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